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Overview of our marketing services and system


Market ResearchIn depth market research including market analysis, keyword research and competitive analysis into your niche to discover opportunities and strategies.
Consulting ServicesMarketing consulting services for serious businesses who require high end marketing campaigns.


Clear USP Identity’s first job is to articulate the message. The capstone of this message is the Unique Selling Proposition. Identity Design Identity and brand creation are the foundation for solid marketing. This includes creation of logo, graphics, styles, color choices and other unique graphical identifiers for your brand. Brand Messaging Branding is as much about message as it is about design. What you say, how you say it, and the succint messaging associated with your brand in conjunction with your brand story.


Web Design Seriously custom web design for all business types. We build all websites to the highest standards for search engines and users. E-Commerce E-commerce websites and shopping carts designed to showcase products and provide a payment portal. Graphic Design Cohesive graphic design for a variety of online and offline environments is necessary to deepen your brand and connect it with your other media. Print Media Design Print media design for all types of print projects – from business cards to billboards. Video Production Video production and post-production services designed for online media and other interactive environments.


Advertising Paid advertising such as billboards, Tv, radio, magazines and advertising online. Search Engine Optimization Organic leads from search engine results. Google Places Optimization Local business lead generator. The new phone book. Social Media Marketing Social media results via the hottest and most applicable social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. PPC Paid advertising online on the internet’s most visited websites such as Google and Facebook. Online Advertising Paid advertising online on the niche websites with targeted traffic. Direct Mail Print media mailed directly to your prospect list is one of the oldest forms of marketing and is yet still effective for many industries. Email Marketing & Automation Email and drip marketing tools that automate the follow up with your marketing opt-ins and prospects and current customers.


MANAGED. MANAGED. – we become your marketing manager and the day to day operation of your marketing department. Marketing Analytics Call tracking for marketing campaigns in order to track origin and effectiveness of leads and calls generated. CRM Software Customer relationship management, lead management and project management software to streamline business process. Conversion Rate Optimization Tools and media creation techniques designed to continually test and optimize user experience and lead generation. Merchant Processing & Billing Systems We believe marketing’s job doesn’t end with a lead. It is important to know and streamline the customers billing experience. Marketing KPIs Comprehensive yet cohesive marketing reports focused on metrics and analytics related to your entire marketing campaign.

Ancillary Services

Hosting Get your website secure, reliable and running fast on our server network. Data Center Redundant, powerful, secure, reliable uptime are the standard. Merchant Accounts Online oriented merchant accounts for businesses who need to process any kind of payment online. Gateways Gateways for those who wish to process payments in custom web based portals and applications.
SSL Certificates Get your website secured for e-commerce and more. PCI Compliance PCI Compliance ensures businesses are operating above the compliance barrier for security online. Trust Marks Trust marks serve to enhance conversions and trust with website visitors. Marketing Tools Tools for marketers to increase efficiency and ROI.