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Life Insurance

Life Insurance can take care of your loved ones when it's needed most. It provides cash in times of need, and can help you:

  • Pay for funeral expenses and medical bills
  • Cover monthly bills such as: Car payment, rent, or mortgage
  • Pay off outstanding debt, including student loans or credit card bills
  • Fund your child's future college education
  • Provide funds for your children or a retirement account for your significant other

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What is a Term Life Insurance Policy

One of the most affordable options, term life insurance is ideal for those looking for greater coverage (the monetary value of your policy) for a set period of time. Many terms last for 10 to 30 years, depending on which option you select. Once your term ends, so does your coverage.

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What is a Permanent Life Insurance Policy

A more permanent option, whole life insurance is designed to provide you with coverage for exactly that — your whole life (as long as premiums are paid). Whole life insurance also allows you to lock-in your premium rate, which means it won't increase as you age or your health status changes. Let's say you purchase a whole life insurance policy during your working years, for example. You'll pay the same rate when you retire as you did when you bought it, which is typically less expensive than it would have been if you waited to buy it later in life.

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