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FRAN Train

Automate Your Training Process

They’ll Rise To The Top

Hiring, training, and succeeding as an employee is hard to do.

FRAN Train was built to automate your training process. Whether turnover related or not, training employees at every level of the franchise system is a difficult job. Franchisees and franchisors spend a large percentage of their time trying to educate and distribute their knowledge across the teams they manage.

Do less and get more stems by creating a system that automates one of the most manual and repetitive processes in your business. Save time and cut expenses immediately with FRAN Train


Let’s close that knowledge gap, faster.

Train While You Play

FRAN Train makes hiring doable while you’re not at work or even while you’re playing hooky. How often do employees of franchised units make mistakes that could have been mitigated by better training? Quite a bit, right? Training staff across an unlimited number of units creates massive leverage, more wealth, and a better organization.

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Easiest Mean Wealthiest

FRAN Train makes training so easy that creating wealth comes easier. Share any level of training across unlimited units and watch productivity rise, mistakes disappear, and profits soar. Build a training, automate that training to your team members, and you’re on your way. You can be at home while your new hires are completing the training process and testing out the assessments you have put in place. Create it all with FRAN Train

Less Stress Please

Imagine the impact it would make if you could automate the training process for every single unit in your franchise system or every single unit in your possession… How much easier would business be? What would you do with the extra time? What would your new approach be for getting to the next level?

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How automated are your training processes?