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Automate Your Hiring Process

Your People Are Expensive

Hiring at every level of the franchise system is mission critical.

Franchisees in-the-trenches know that the employee management job is a big one that takes a large percentage of where you spend your time. Franchisors and franchisees don’t have to do any manual work to hire and turnover employees anymore with FRAN Hire.

Create more leverage – where you do less and get more stems from managing your greatest expenses with efficiency. Save time and money immediately with FRAN Hire.


Let’s Automate Your Hiring

Hire While You Sleep

FRAN Hire makes hiring doable while you’re off-the-clock and even while you’re asleep. How often do franchisees have to go into the office for an employee related issue? Haha, all the time right? Knowing that hiring and replacing employees can happen without you provides real peace of mind.

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Passive Is Easiest

FRAN Hire makes hiring passive by turning it over to your team and the person getting hired. Build a process, automate that process, and test it. After that, you’re good to go. You can be at home, while your new hires are completing the hiring process and getting trained.

Imagine The Impact

Imagine the impact it would make if you could automate the hiring process for every single unit in your franchise system or every single unit in your possession… What would you do with the extra time? Get home a little earlier from the office each day? Take another vacation every year?

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How automated is your hiring process?