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We work with top performing companies in their respective markets

From Main Street to Wall Street

From main street to wall street, Savavo client span 200 industries and nearly every size of company. More than 600 businesses have been served in over 200 industries on multiple continents by the Savavo team.

In short, we sell to companies that advertise. These advertisers are generally not afraid to market and need a more refined and scientific system for purifying their marketing strategy, process, team and lead quality.

We don’t target or segment based on industry, but on performance level, ad behavior and market position. As such, our clients are successful companies looking to gain unsurpassed advantages on their competition. However, we have a nice vertical playbook that rivals any of the niche providers for those respective industries.

Here is what we look for in terms of a great fit for a client relationship:

  • Aggressive growth: you can grow slow without us – use Savavo for better and faster growth
  • Product Excellence: we only like to work with products that people want and that are profit-filled and can scale
  • Operational Excellence: we only like to work with companies whose operations can handle scalable growth and that relish more customers
  • Great Leadership: leadership that values sales and marketing is a great win for us – the contrary is a deal-breaker

These industries are of particular interest to us (but they don’t represent all that we are intimate with):